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Group Q & A 017070

Question: From Mike Oliver, he asks, “Hi Lou, I picked up my first Subject To Deal and as I was going through the Due-on-Sale checklist in the Trust Course, I got a bit confused.  Am I contracting with the seller and assigning it to a trust in which I have a beneficial interest or am… Read more »

Group Q & A 427070

Question: My partner and I acquired a house under subject to the mortgage.  We were going to fix it up and sell it before it went to the courthouse steps.  It was taking of the records for a while for whatever reason. I guess you mean taking a while to record the deed, maybe. I… Read more »

Group Q & A 418070

Question: Bernardo who says he has a short sale question, how to get the lender short sale approval in a down market when the BPO is higher.  Now for those of you on the call who don’t know what a BPO is, that’s a broker price opinion.  That’s what the lender has ordered from a… Read more »

Group Q & A 828070

Question: I have purchased your study material and it is packed with great information.  As you know, it is a lot of information, and I am just getting started.  When you talk about real estate, people always say, run the numbers to see if it works for you.  What I need is a formula so… Read more »

Group Q & A 402170

DQuestion: There is an empty house in my neighborhood.  The tenant who had a life lease died recently.  This home would make a great investment property, perhaps a sandwich lease option…maybe even owner financing deal.  I would like to contact the owner to discuss various opportunities.  In your opinion, is it best to approach the… Read more »

Group Q & A 119070

Question: Let’s start off with a management question this time and we hear from John Meddle, and John says:  How is a promissory note for a lease option structured?  For example, a $2000 note at 15% interest: A:  Would it be all due as a sum at the end of the length of the note,… Read more »

Group Q & A 529070

Question: What do you say to mortgage companies like Auquin when you know what the BPO came in at, and the mortgage tells you a different amount.  On a deal I was doing with Auquin I knew for a fact that the BPO came in at $49,900, right where I wanted it to, and Aquin… Read more »

Group Q & A 900170

Question: The reason for this note is to inquire how to handle this wonderful situation I have pending.  We have a $269,000.00 house currently in the owner financing rent to owner category.  We have an interested couple with $15,000.00 to put down and able to pay $1,500.00 per month.  As you can see, the down… Read more »

Group Q & A 320170

Question: Joe was asking a question; I’ve looked through everything I have but I didn’t notice the answer if it was there.  What percent of the monthly rent and option fee go toward the payoff of the house?  I’m working on a lease-option deal now for one of our houses.  The house is worth $250,000. … Read more »

Group Q & A 601170

Question: The first question comes from William Edwards who says:  How do you start part time. Answer: Well William, here’s what I’m recommending.  I understand that you’ve got all these commitments and all these distractions in life particularly when you’re working with someone else, so what you want to do is be able to calendar… Read more »