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Group Q & A 805070

Question: I’m in the middle of buying property that we intend on flipping.  The house has an above-ground pool and it’s three-quarters full of stagnant water.  What’s the best way to empty the pool so we can demo the pool? Answer: What I would probably look to do first, if it’s an aluminum-sided aboveground pool,… Read more »

Group Q & A 424070

Question: The first question is from Jean and Bob Clark they sent…they asked about  We are just getting started how do we get into the member part of the web site. Answer: Well Jean and Bob you’ll go to…you’ll click on user name and insert the words student S-T-U-D-E-N-T and the password is the… Read more »

Group Q & A 014070

Question: Let’s jump on in with Carol and Joan Bowser who have a question:  Dear Lou, we are so excited about the real estate business.  We wanted to learn all we can to help others.  Our questions are:  How important are short sales in negotiating with the seller?  It seems like a lot of additional… Read more »

Group Q & A 723070

Question: Let’s start with Feridune on a trust question.  He says hi Lou.  Hope you can answer these questions.  I have 15 four plexis in Nevada and have a few questions about them.  What software do you recommend for tracking the income expense of these 60 units? Answer: Well first let’s start with your property… Read more »

Group Q & A 313070

Question: In volume to rental agreement BSH1703A, if you require certified check for each item at the signing meeting, rent, performance fee etc.  What is the down side of having the lease in your company’s name? Answer: Your companies name can be on the lease, but of course now the company would have to file… Read more »

Group Q & A 722070

Question: Given the current State market conditions, which do not appear as favorable for sellers, what investing strategies, or techniques do you recommend to avoid getting stuck with properties? Answer: That’s exactly what I wanted to talk about.  You see today’s market conditions are the reason that you need to totally focus on what your… Read more »

Group Q & A 312070

Question: From J.P. Johnson, and J.P. says, “Hello Lou, I’m in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Purchased your Whole Enchilada Course, and need specific steps on getting started in the pre-foreclosure business.  Please advise with the specific types of marketing I should use for my area.  Thanks, J. P. Answer: Well, J.P., it depends on your budget. … Read more »

Group Q & A 321070

Group Q & A January 23, 2007 Lou Brown: Question: Which is the first action to take to start your business?  Build a buyers list or obtain properties? Answer: You can’t really build a business without having some traffic.  I think it’s great to build a buyers list, and we certainly have some ideas for… Read more »

Group Q & A 901070

Group Q & A January 9, 2007 Lou Brown: Question: J. R. says, “As you already know about the legislation relating to lease options in Texas, I was told there was a way to achieve the same results using land trusts.  Would you happen to know…how that would be possible?” Answer: Well, J. R., that’s… Read more »

Group Q & A 216070

Question: We’re going to go with getting started.  James McClendon says, no investment money, bad credit; how can I get started? Answer: Well, James that’s a fantastic question and the answer is, follow the system.  It’s just that simple.  If you follow the system, generate the leads…and of course, if you don’t even have money… Read more »