Lou Brown here with another video about the Benefits of Trusts. And there are many. They have unique benefits that you can’t find in other entities.

One of the benefits is that you can create it yourself which saves you some money. You can also use it for estate planning. Basically, it provides you protection, avoids probate, and it helps in creating profit.

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked about benefits of trusts. Let me tell you there’s many, I’ve identified over 30 different benefits of trusts that you cannot get from any other entity. Not a corporation, not an LLC, not a limited partnership. You can only get these benefits from this thing called trusts Now, trusts are utterly amazing. It’s something unique and different than the other types of entities. So other entities, what are they? They’re creatures of the state. They’re creations of the state. With a trust, it’s a creation of a different type. It’s a contract. And inside that contract are many benefits. One of them is privacy because you can name the trust. Anything you choose. You’ve got transactional privacy. You could put each property in its own trust. Very inexpensive, by the way, you don’t have to have an attorney. You can do this yourself.

You can have an attorney review and approve your documents, but basically you can set up the trust yourself. And then you’ve got the benefit of as you go estate planning. So as you acquire another property, it’s going into the next trust. The next property is going into its own trust and so on. So you’re separating each property into its own trust. Now, what are you doing? You’re creating some protection there because if anything happened at one property, it would not infect or affect all the rest of the properties. Very valuable information for you. Certainly something you need to know, something you need to have, and we’ve designed it for your benefit.

So now we’re going to be working together here at the event. I’ve got an upcoming event. It’s called the Wealth Builder Workshop. And I’m going to go through some of these benefits with you. There are so many. Think about this one. No annual dues, no annual fees, no annual tax return as with other entities. How about that one? So in other words, LLC, corporations limited partnerships. They have to have annual filings and fees, but you don’t have that with trust. So it’s a flow through entity. I’m going to be sharing that with you. And so many other benefits that I don’t know how you can do without it. It’s just one of those things that why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, because the attorneys aren’t telling everyone, they should be doing it. And that’s the only thing that’s missing.

So you need to learn this for yourself. You need to know that there’s benefits for yourself. There’s benefits for your family. There’s generational benefits because your family can avoid probate. When this asset or these assets pass down to the next generation. They don’t have to go through that pain and suffering of the probate process and the delay and the expense are all eliminated with the use of trusts. So you owe it to yourself to learn that. We’re going to be covering some of that during the Wealth Builder Workshop. That’s coming up. That’s a one day and you can find out all the information about it right here on this page. I look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!