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I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Lou Brown, and I founded Street Smart® Systems™ for people like you. People who want a better life and who are looking for high-quality, no-nonsense real estate investing information, training, and mentoring.  Since 1986, thousands of people have discovered how they can use the Street Smart® real estate investing methods to build a streamlined, 24/7 “Profit Producing Machine.” If you want a lifestyle that gives you the income, time, and freedom to live life on your terms, you’re in the right place. We cover all aspects of investing from buying, holding, renovating, managing, and selling single-family or multi-family properties. We even offer private lending to our Street Smart® Systems™ Licensees and we’re here to help you achieve your real estate dreams.


There is something for everyone in Lou Brown’s Street Smart® Trainings. Whether you are eighteen or eighty-eight, whether you have NO knowledge or experience with real estate investing, or you have a whole lot… Street Smart® training gives you actionable steps to get you to the next level.


Lou Brown’s secrets to real estate investing success are now available to read anytime. Get Lou’s best selling guides to winning at real estate on Amazon or on the Street Smart website. You can check out all of Lou’s books, including some you can get for FREE, by clicking below.


The Street Smart® System

Street Smart® doesn’t try to cram everyone into the same box as many other so-called real estate experts do. Because Lou Brown has been investing in real estate for over forty years and teaching for almost as long, many people have different needs depending on the area. That’s why he created specific systems to make money where you are right now. One of Lou’s favorite sayings is “Less deals, less work, more money™”


Why More Investors Put Their Trust In Lou Brown

If you spent any time watching TV or YouTube, you’ve seen plenty of people promise you that buying and selling real estate is as easy as falling off a log. The truth is, just one wrong move can take you out of the game. To navigate your way around the threats, traps, and pitfalls, you need to know where to step. It keeps you in the game and help you to win.

What is unique about the Street Smart System is that we have identified the fail points that many real estate investors have experienced and we have created a path to avoid those pitfalls with systems, strategies and scripts. Business is a formula. You need the proper processes, forms, procedures and blueprints for success.

Lou has designed an unparalleled path for you to follow, backed by his 40 years of Real Estate experience. This support will ensure you don’t make the wrong moves; it’ll keep you in the game and help you to win.

Top Investors Recognize the Need for Solid Coaching

Success Leaves Clues. We have found that the majority of our multi-million dollar clients have gotten theirs success through our coaching system. Top investors want better results and recognize the need for solid coaching. Our coaching is for those that are just getting started, as well as investors that have achieved success and know they can improve. Depending on where you are, we place you in a coaching program that matches your situation. We require you apply and acceptance is based on your commitment to follow through.

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A Team of Experts

You have questions, we have answers. As a Street Smart Investor, we have every advantage for you to be successful. Our network of investors, led by Lou himself have collectively closed 26,237 real estate transactions and generated over $277 million in revenue. Whether you’re looking for group support or one-on-one coaching sessions. Street Smart has everything you need.

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One of the most significant benefits of technology is that it can automate mundane tasks — and that’s especially true for real estate investing. You’ve heard the expression “time is money,” and this is particularly important in real estate investing. Your ability to find deals and move on them quickly is vital to your success as an investor. Your ability to communicate with speed and seize opportunities has never been more critical. Street Smart Systems will provide you with access to the best technology and help to guide you away from the stuff that wastes your time.

Investor Websites

You might think having a website isn’t necessary anymore. The truth is, you can’t scale your business unless you have at least three! We provide you with a Buying site, a Selling site and a Lending site. Each of them explains all about your Home Buying programs, the solutions you can offer, answers FAQ’s, and include your company Mission Statement, Customer Care Policy and much, much more. All content is provided for you and includes dynamic search engine optimization!

Buy & Sell Analyzer

You need to have a simple process to collect and manage information on the properties you purchase or consider for purchase. You also need to manage information on what you’re selling and who is waiting to buy. The Buy and Sell Analyzer is where your business gets done. An easy-to-use comprehensive database, deal analyzer, lead communication records, email follow-up tools and online Street Smart resources all help you organize and track your marketing and deal flow. Plus you get industry leading one-on-one support included.

Automation & More

We have created systems to make your business run almost by itself. Our “flip chart” Presentation Kits let you thoroughly explain your programs like a pro. There are kits for your unique home buying and renovation programs, your selling solutions and even the lending program we teach you. On top of that we offer automated phone systems, SMS texting, software to find accurate comps and so much more. There is literally nothing we haven’t thought of. We have either already built what you need or have found and vetted vendors who have. So, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.


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Buying, Holding, Selling, and Protecting all that you create
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The dirty little secret about real estate investing is it puts a target on your back.
When: Thursday, September 12th, 2024, 8:30 AM
through Sunday, September 15th, 2024, 5:30 PM
Where: Atlanta, GA