How can you be in this great real estate business without banks? To be honest, I’ve been buying without banks for over FORTY years!

I bought my first property by taking over the existing financing on it, sold it within two years, and made a 37% gain. It made a difference in my world, and it can make a difference for yours as well.

The idea is that the seller is the bank because they have equity. If there is equity, there is an opportunity. Want to learn how to have this opportunity?

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. Buying without banks. How in the world, can you be in this great business called real estate and you can buy houses without going to banks? Well, the answer is, I’ve done it for over 40 years. I bought my first property by taking over the existing financing on that property. Turned out to be phenomenal. Sold that house within two years. Made a 37% gain. It made all the difference in my world. It can make a huge difference in your world too. And the idea is this, the seller is the bank. And so why do I say the seller is the bank? Because the seller has something called Equity. And whenever there is Equity, there is opportunity. That means that the seller is in a position to perhaps carry back the financing, perhaps wait on their payment until you sell the property.

There’s many different ways. In fact, I’ve identified over 37 different ways to structure a transaction. Many, including not going to the bank and not qualifying for loans. So if I can be in this business for over 40 years doing what I do, I promise you I can transfer that information to you and you won’t have to go to banks either. It’s a powerful way to be in this game. And why is it that a seller will do that? Well, the answer is because there’s something in it for them.

I want to teach you that. I’ve got an upcoming training. It’s called the Wealth Builder Workshop. It’s got an amazing amount of information in there. It’s a full day. Be sure to be there on time. I’ve got a lot of information, be prepared to take notes, and we’re going to be doing this online soon. So right here on the page, you’re going to have all the information you need in order to sign up for that event. And Oh, by the way, you’re going to be able to get my book, Buy, Hold, Sell. This is my amazing international bestseller. I say it’s amazing because it’s a collection of all of the things I’ve learned in over 40 years of being in this business. So I love sharing this with you. You’re going to get your own copy of this book for registering for the event. So be sure and take advantage of that right now on this page. And I’ll see you there soon. Yeah, baby!