I’ve been asked about Due Upon Sales Closing and how to avoid it legally.

I actually bought my first property when I was 18 years old by taking over a loan. It was great for me and my life. As a result of this, I never had to go to a bank to qualify for my loan.

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked about the due upon sale clause and how to avoid it legally. Well, here’s an interesting thing. I bought my first property when I was 18 years old. I was able to do that by taking over an existing loan on the property. It was amazing. I only had to pay $45 to take over that loan and boom! Suddenly I could take over the payments. I love that! It was great for me. And it was great for my life because as a result of learning that I’ve never had to go to the bank. I’ve never had to qualify for a loan on a single family or small multifamily property. What a great thing.

Now you have the opportunity to do exactly that, but there’s something that’s necessary in order for that to happen. It’s a thing called trusts. So back in 1982, they passed the thing called the Garn Saint Germain Federal Depository Institutions Act. Ah-ya-yay! Well, in that act, they gave the bank the right to put the due upon sale clause in the mortgage. Oh no! That could be disaster game changer that I won’t be able to buy properties the same way I was in the past. Well that all changed. Well, take a look at the Garn Saint Germain Act because it has an exception in there. When someone places their property in trust for estate planning purposes, essentially the lender is prohibited from calling the loan due.

So one of the ways that you could purchase properties is by not purchasing property, but by purchasing a beneficial interest of a trust that’s already established. So a seller can place their property in trust and then they can sell their beneficial interest. That’s not published anywhere. And we’ve got all the documentation for you. We can share that with you.

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