Having been brought up poor, Lou Brown’s mother got up and get to work. There are no government programs or handouts. They work to make money and buy groceries.

This is why Lou doesn’t believe he is entitled to ANYTHING. God put everyone on this planet to learn and create. And this is all available for everyone.

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Second Set:
1. Intuition
2. Focus
3. Limiting beliefs
4. Entitlement
5. Following through on ideas Open to new ideas
6. Do the math
7. Saving money
8. Using credit cards
9. Spending money
10. Excuses – Gossiping and news
11. OPM

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You know, having been brought up poor, like I was back in the day when they didn’t have any government programs. Basically again, if it is to be, it is up to me. Is one of my favorite sayings. My mother didn’t have the ability to tap into any of these programs. She got up and went to work. And that’s what I got to see. Is that there weren’t any other options. It was get up, go to work. You get a check. You’ve got some money to pay the bills. Buy some groceries. And that’s what I encourage people to do is don’t have those limiting beliefs.

Don’t have yourself in that position where you’re entitled to anything. I don’t believe in entitlement. I don’t believe that I am entitled to anything that God put us all on here on this planet to learn. And there are certain lessons that we’re here to learn, and I’m not entitled to anybody else’s time, energy or money. But I am entitled to my own time, my own energy and my own opportunity to create money. And one of the things I believe is it’s all available for all of us.