For Lou Brown, focus is important to be successful. What you focus on, occurs.

Many times, people take on so many things. What happens is everything falls apart.

Plan in advance what to focus on each day and even each hour. Rule out everything else.

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Second Set:
1. Intuition
2. Focus
3. Limiting beliefs
4. Entitlement
5. Following through on ideas Open to new ideas
6. Do the math
7. Saving money
8. Using credit cards
9. Spending money
10. Excuses – Gossiping and news
11. OPM

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One of the things I discovered that helps me to be successful is a thing called Focus. And I say, what you focus on, occurs. Many times people take on too many things to do and they lose focus. And what happens is none of those end up being great. So I use different parts of my day to focus on certain things. So that that’s what I’m doing at that time. And I even use my planning to plan in advance that I’m going to focus on that during that day or during that hour so that everything else is ruled out during that time. And that single focus brings in so much new energy and information. What you focus on occurs.