Sometimes, poor people believe that there are only certain things that they can do.

Lou Brown believes otherwise. He knows that he can make a profit from different opportunities available out there.

With his real estate business, he adds on new profit centers such as offering services to sellers, buyers, and even lenders.

Don’t limit your belief on opportunities.

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Second Set:
1. Intuition
2. Focus
3. Limiting beliefs
4. Entitlement
5. Following through on ideas Open to new ideas
6. Do the math
7. Saving money
8. Using credit cards
9. Spending money
10. Excuses – Gossiping and news
11. OPM

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Sometimes in life. You know, I’ve seen that poor people have a belief that there’s only a certain thing that they can do. And I believe that there’s many different options and opportunities available out there. I love to take my real estate business and add to what I call different profit centers. And so each one of these different profit centers is services that I’m providing. Either to sellers, to buyers or to lenders. And these various services produce extra side residual income that come into our business. So don’t limit your beliefs on other opportunities that are available for you out there. There’s many things that can add to what you’re already doing.

Now, if you’re in a full time job and you love that full time job, I say, great! And get yourself a side hustle, get yourself something else that can produce some income. And more importantly, residual long term income. Now, one of the things I love is real estate and I love the residual aspect of real estate. The fact that I can invest some time now and get paid on that time, month after month after month after month, year after year after year on that same asset. Now imagine that you acquire additional assets. One on top of the other, and you’ve got an amazing future coming your way.