Rich people have a plan and poor people generally don’t.

How to create a plan is to look at the end goal, decades ahead. Don’t let life just happen. Do things each day to progress towards your end goal. And this is easier if you have a plan.

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Another thing I find that rich people have that poor people don’t have is a plan. So the smart people actually sit down and think through what it is that they want to accomplish. So they look out to that end, you know, what does the end look like? For me as a real estate teacher, I’m teaching people about their retirement plan. And for somebody they say, man, that’s decades away! And I go, exactly! And would you like to shorten that timeframe? Because you can get there so much faster with a plan than you can without a plan.

So many folks go through life. Life just happens for them. They get up in the morning. They go to work. They do their thing. They come home. They watch the TV. They go to bed. They get up the next morning. Nothing’s happening! They’ve got the golden handcuffs of the job. They are receiving a check. And for a lot of people they’re not looking forward, but you’ve got to look forward in life. Life is something that is not a given. The length of time that we have is not a given. Our experience on this planet is something that we have some control over. We can design our life in such a way that we have comfort in our later years. When we decide to retire. So I encourage you to get a plan. I will help you with that.