How to have the seller pay you to buy their house? No kidding. This can happen.

There are situations where people are over-financed with their property. But the time you get through the cost to sell which has to be factored in and compare it with how much they owe, it can be a negative number. So essentially, they pay you to buy their property!

It may sound odd and weird, but it can happen. And it’s more common than people may think. So how do you do it?

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. How to have the seller pay you to buy their house? No kidding. Is the truth. So one of the things that happens is sometimes people are over financed in their property. And by the time you get through, what’s called the cost to sell. Then there’s always cost to sell by the way. And so if there is a cost to sell, that has to be factored in. Well, when you compare that cost to sell with how much they owe on the property, well, sometimes you can have a negative number. To have a negative number, that means the seller will pay you that differential to buy their house. I know that sounds odd and weird, but if you call a title company today and you ask them, do you ever see where a seller comes to a closing and they actually bring a check and they have to write a check to clear out the sale of their property. And they’re going to tell you absolutely. And some of them will tell you every day.

So it’s more common than you think it is that a seller actually pays to sell their house. Simply because they’ve got so much financing on it. So how do we do it? Well, first of all, we have an entire process that we go through. It begins with the original marketing. And then when you interview the seller, we use a seller questionnaire and we determine what their pain is. We determine a number of things. We put together, three offers to make before we go visit with the seller. Then when we go visit with the seller, we inspect the property and we are prepared to make a presentation when we go to the seller. So we have a presentation. We have a story to tell. Who we are, what we do, how we operate, how we can help, how we’re different than other types of buyers. Meaning somebody that’s going to move into the property.

Other investors. We set ourselves apart from them. We present our seller with a book. It’s my Doing Good While Doing Well book. It’s on And that is an amazing tool that we use to show the seller that we’re part of a nationwide network of affordable housing providers. Then when we get through that presentation, we go through a, what we call cost to sell. Now, by the way, I’ve got an upcoming event, and this is definitely something that we can provide to you, but this is the cost to sell worksheet. And as you can see, this is a very powerful thing because we actually have the seller assist us in making the offer. So while you’ve done your homework at home and you’ll already know what that number’s going to be. Now we have the seller involved in the process of identifying the number. And so we use that cost to sell. And this is part of the training.

So what happens is by the time we’re done and at the bottom line, and you deduct it from the value of the property versus what they owe on the property. Then sometimes you have that negative number. And that’s what I mean by the seller will pay you to buy their home. So I would love to have you at my upcoming event, you’ve got the information here on the screen. I know that it can be valuable to you because certainly you’d be very excited. Wouldn’t you, if a seller paid you to buy their home. Now when you couple that with the rest of our business model of already having a buyer to buy that home with a significant down payment, then you’ve got get paid, not once, but twice on this deal. And you get upfront money as well as monthly money, as well as money at the end of the game when they pay you off entirely.

So I want to share that with you at the upcoming wealth builder workshop, you’re going to love it. There’s a lot of great information there it’s worth your while. And I promise you that I’m going to give you amazing information you’ve never had before. Look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!