The question today is how to register trusts.

To register, you will basically be registering the assets to the name of the trust. This can be done in the courthouse of the county where the trust resides.

But, there is a far better way to do this. Watch now to learn more!
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Avoid Probate
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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. How to register trusts? Well, that’s an interesting question. So to register your trust, all you’re going to be doing is registering the assets of the trust into the name of the trust. Now, you do have the opportunity certainly to record your trust at the courthouse in the County, in which you reside or the County in which the trust resides, but it’s far better to create and use the anonymity that that trust provides. The trust is amazing! It provides privacy, privacy of ownership. So that everybody doesn’t know and can count from the comfort of their own computer, how much you actually are worth. Then taking your assets and what I recommend is putting each asset into its own trust, is a marvelous thing to do. And by separating your assets, you also are putting yourself in a position to separate liability as well.

So if anyone comes after one trust, they’ll only get what’s in that one trust and not everything else in your life. Putting all your eggs in one basket is something to avoid. Unless there’s a real tank around those assets. And so one of the things that you want to consider is, that you don’t want to register or record your trust. What you do want to do is record any assets into the name of the trust. And what I suggest is that you have each property in its own trust. And because of the fact that you put each property in its own trust, then you’re separating those assets from one another.

Now I’m going to be training this. I’ve got a four day event coming up. It’s called And you can learn more about what trusts are. How they work. You can bring a deed with you to class. You can bring a title with you to class. And you can literally fill out your own paperwork right there in class. And learn exactly what the details are. Why you’re using trusts. What trust can do. The 30 different benefits of trust that most people have no clue about, including attorneys, CPAs and financial planners. It’s amazing what a great vehicle trusts are only known to the elite. Only known to the very upper echelon in our society.

What I discovered when I discovered trust back in 1984, is that they are available for all of us and all of us can take advantage of them. So I encourage you to learn about trusts. They’re the most amazing vehicle on the planet, and hopefully you’ll be able to join me at the four day event and learn more. I also have a home study course learn more at Yeah, baby!