Legally pay zero taxes on your real estate portfolio? How can that be? This is thanks to the wonderful tax code that rewards real estate investing because the government needs help in developing housing.

One of the things we’ve done is take it to another level where we literally help people buy a house. Don’t make them tenants, make them homeowners! This is something I want to share with you along with many other learnings.

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. Legally pay less taxes. Legally pays zero taxes on your real estate portfolio. How can that be? Because of the wonderful tax code that’s been around for decades that rewards real estate investing. Now, why does it reward real estate investing? Because the government needs help with housing. They can’t do it all themselves. They incentivize entrepreneurs to be in this business to provide housing for the masses out there. Now, one of the things we’ve done is we’ve taken it to another level. We created the path to home ownership. Never pay rent again, where we’re literally helping people to end up in a position to buy the house they’re in or a different house as the case may be. So imagine that we have the right to do something that others have the right to offer our properties to our tenants.

Don’t make them tenants. Make them homeowners sooner or later. And that’s an opportunity that I want to share with you along the way. What happens is that because you own that property and because the government gives you something called depreciation write-offs, then it allows you to have an offset of the income that you have off the property with this thing called depreciation. So, but by offsetting your income and have enough offsets that offset all of your income, even ordinary income from a job can be offset by depreciation, write offs. And then we accelerate our depreciation by actually depreciating the component parts of the house that can be depreciated a lot faster than the straight line method.

Well, I want to teach all of that to you. I’ve got an upcoming workshop. It’s called the Wealth Builder Workshop. This is a great opportunity for you to actually identify what’s in it for you. And we all know that taxes we didn’t have to pay is money that we can use to invest. And of course the more money we can use to invest the quicker we can get there, right? The wonderful place called freedom. And one of the great things that real estate investing provides is freedom. A future for yourself. A future for your family. A dynasty. A legacy that you can pass on from generation to generation. And it’s just a fun process. It’s something that you do have to learn. It doesn’t come naturally. There are skills that you have to acquire. I call them the tools, the training, the technology, and the team. You get the support and you’re able to really accelerate your success in this business is certainly something that I wish I could have tapped into when I got started over 40 years ago, doing this business of buying, holding, and selling property. Amazing, amazing business.

Want to share that with you. Have an upcoming workshop. It’s called the Wealth Builder Workshop. The information right here on the page. Go to it, get yourself registered for it. I promise you it’s well worth your time. Well worth your effort. I want to give this information to you. I certainly wish I’d had this information poured into me when I got started. And now I want to pour it into use so that you can accelerate your game plan. Looking forward to seeing you there. It’s a one day it’s a full day. Be sure it’d be there all day. During this training, the upcoming Wealth Builder Workshop. Get registered right here on the page. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!