A lot of people quit too early. They get involved in something, and there would be a learning curve. But some people are not willing to commit to what’s necessary. What happens is they jump from thing to thing because they can’t commit to the end.

Don’t miss great opportunities because you are quitting. Never give up.

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1. Buy and Hold
2. Value Based Buying products on sale
3. Time management – –
4. Snippets of time
5 Avoid time wasters – TV
6. Watch what people do not to what they say
7. Blaming others
8. Quitting
9. Other people’s energy – leverage
10. Having a plan
11. Take advice from people with more money than you have

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One of the things I’ve learned is that, a lot of people quit too early. They’ve joined something. They’ve gotten themselves involved in something. And there’s always a learning curve. There’s always things to know. And there’s always more that you can learn. And I’ve found that some people just really are not willing to commit what’s necessary to have success. So as a result, they’ve gone from thing to thing and never had real success because they give up too quickly. And so one of the things I say is put your blinders on. Put your blinders on and focus. And learn from the people that have had success with whatever that is. Now in my world, it’s real estate. So I tell people, look, you can definitely read a book about real estate and you can definitely get great information from it. And there’s more to the story.

Whenever you have a deal right in front of you, and it’s a deal that could be worth tens of thousands, even over a hundred thousand dollars in profit. And you didn’t do anything to get advice from someone that knows what they’re looking at, then you could miss a great opportunity. That’s where coaching comes in. So thinking that you can know it all yourself and do it all yourself is just not valid. Never quit! Never give up! One of my favorite sayings from Winston Churchill. Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never quit!