Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’m back with another of my 101 cash flow accelerators to help you build an amazing and highly profitable real estate business. And one of my favorites is what we’re going to talk about right now. It’s called “Work for Equity”. AKA Work for Credit. And what happens is that when people come along in our world, we give them the opportunity to do some, all, or none of the repairs to the property. So what happens is instead of going in and doing a full-blown renovation, we offer our clients the opportunity to earn credits towards their down payment or move-in fee. And as a result of that, then they’re able to save money. And more importantly, they’re able to choose what they would like to do with the home. That means their colors. You know, probably when you moved into your house, you changed the colors on the walls, guess what they want to do exactly the same thing.

Why would you care what color they paint the walls, if they’re getting credit and if they’re doing it while paying you rent? Yeah, baby. And sometimes people move in. Honestly, their intentions are good and they don’t actually do the work. Well, they not only in my world sign an agreement, but they also get a credit in the form of a promissory note. So we go ahead and give them credit. Now they sign a promissory note for the amount they owe if they don’t do the work. If they do the work, we satisfy the promissory note. Everything’s good.

Now, understand when you go into this world, Work for Equity, then there are different disclosures you need to do. There’s different paperwork you need to have. So we have a separate kit just for this opportunity. And it’s a big one folks because I promise you. Imagine that you could have a business where you don’t have to go in and paint and clean and fix and do all this stuff that other landlords have to do. We don’t do that. We give our clients the opportunity. They love it! It’s a great cash flow accelerator. Keeping money in your pocket right is the same as making money. And this is money. You don’t have to try to get back from when somebody moves in because it’s still in your pocket. And they love you for it as well.

So check out my Work for Equity Kit at StreetSmartInvestor.com That’s a great cash flow accelerator. Yeah, baby! See you soon.






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