Should I buy investment trusts?

This certainly is beneficial to some folks. While I shy away from that because I want to control my own assets. Over the years, I’ve learned how to be your own trust.

I’d like to show you what to do and how to do it.
Create Privacy
Avoid Probate
Protect Everything

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. Should I buy investment trusts? And I think you might be asking about a real estate investment trust, a REIT. And certainly they can be beneficial to some folks. I kind of shy away from that personally, because I like to control my own assets. And of course I’ve been buying, holding and selling property now for over 40 years. Absolutely love the business! After 40 years. Can you imagine that I’ve learned some amazing things about how to be your own trust. And essentially purchasing a property. Having that inside of a trust. I love trust. I think it’s the best entity on the planet, like none other. And so I like to show you what to do and how to do it. This is the one place in life. You should not hand off to somebody else, but you should actually understand it for yourself.

Trusts are powerful, but here’s, what’s interesting. You are burying the bone, so to speak in the backyard. And you’re the only one that knows where those bones are. So it’s important to learn about these trusts because you are burying the bones when you do that. And so together we do that. I have a four day event it’s called Also have a home study course, and it’s important for you to really be able to know that, number one, you can learn about trusts and what they are and how they work. Number two, you can create them yourself. You can also fund those trusts by merely deeding the property into the trust, or transferring the property into trust. Now it’s owned by the trust and you get all the benefits of trust. I love it.

And I call it the 4P’s. It’s the, you get Privacy of ownership. You get Asset Protection so that people cannot take those assets away from you. When you do it a certain way. You get Probate Avoidance, something you will not get with any other entity, not even a REIT. You cannot avoid probate without having the use of the trusts for yourself. Your own trust, not to trust that the asset is it, but your own trust to be able to handle your heirs and pass those assets onto your heirs. And the fourth P is Profits. Then you can actually use trusts to generate profits as well.

So it’s certainly something that I love to share with you. We have an upcoming event, as I said, four day event. Now at this event, you literally bring a deed with you to class. You bring the title to your vehicle, to class at your seat. You’re literally filling out the paperwork so you can understand what’s going on, how it works, not just a theory, but actual practice. You’re going to learn the 30 different benefits of trust that you cannot get with any other entity. Not a corporation, not an LLC, not a limited partnership. You can only get these benefits using trusts. And like I said, with probate avoidance, that would be the first reason that you’d want to learn about trusts for yourself. And real estate investment trusts certainly, you would want to take the shares of the real estate investment trust and put that into a trust as well, your own trust. So whether you are investing in other property with other people or whether you’re investing in it for yourself, like I like to do certainly trusts are a part of the game. Something that you need to learn. My name is Lou Brown. I hope to see you soon. Yeah, baby!