I’ve been asked about abolishing secret trusts.

Now, I’ve been studying and learning, and using trusts since 1984 and I believe it is the best entity on the planet. This is something that nobody should avoid because it can avoid probate!

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Hi! My name’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. Should secret trusts be abolished? Well, you know, it’s interesting because one of the last areas of privacy in our entire society is this wonderful thing called trusts. Now I’ve been studying and learning and using trusts since 1984. I think it’s the best entity on the planet. Overrides LLCs corporations, limited partnerships. Certainly there can be benefits of those, but the trust is something nobody should avoid. And the reason is that you can avoid probate. So if you were to eliminate trust, you would eliminate avoiding probate. Which is a process by which you need a judge. You need a courthouse. You need an attorney. You need expense. You need delay. All of that nonsense could be avoided when you use trusts. Why? Because you’re transferring your assets into trust now, and you’re naming who the beneficiary is of that asset.

So first of all, you could be the beneficiary. And then secondly, underneath you, as the successor beneficiary or beneficiaries is whomever you name. How cool is that? So at the moment of death, the asset immediately passes to the successor beneficiary. No courts. No attorneys. No delay. No expense. How great is that? That’s called a trust. If you wanted to eliminate trust, you’d be eliminating that. Now, secrecy is a wonderful thing. When it comes to owning assets. One, because in the United States of America, for a couple of hundred dollars, anybody can Sue anybody. And as we well know, there’s people out there that want what you’ve got, but they don’t want to do what you did to get what you got. They only want what you got. So, it’s a good idea to actually have your assets in trust. Take advantage of the privacy.

Now let’s say that you had 10 houses and you had them all in your personal name. And somebody could Sue you for a couple of hundred dollars. They could tie you up in court for who knows how long and whatever the outcome might be of that. Whether you’ve done anything right or wrong, you probably know that it could go either way. When it comes to court, technicalities attorneys, crooked judges, crooked attorneys. It’s real be careful. I want to make sure that you do that. I love trusts. I think it’s the best entities on the planet. You need to do it. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your family to absolutely learn it.

Now I have a four day event coming up. It’s called Maximum Asset Shield. http://MaximumAssetShield.com Very important because you’re burying the bones. You’re literally putting it in that secret place. And it’s important that you understand what you’re doing, how you’re doing it. So I literally, over four days, lay it out for you. I give you the 30 different benefits of trusts that most people don’t know. And then I lay it out for you to be able to take advantage of those things. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn what to do and how to do it. You can literally bring a deed with you to class. You can bring a title to a vehicle with you to class. You’re gonna learn and do the paperwork right there in class. And then you’re going to learn about all the other aspects of how trusts fit into your world. So it’s a great investment for four days. We’re going to do this together. All the information is there at Maximum Asset Shield. Or call us. Glad to answer any questions for you. Hopefully this has been of help for you today. My name’s Lou Brown. Look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!