Always have things to do. There are snippets of time such as when you are waiting for a phone call or waiting for an answer. During these times, you can actually do the tasks that you’ve put aside so it’s not wasted.

Always have something to do, even small steps can take you closer to the goal.

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3. Time management – –
4. Snippets of time
5 Avoid time wasters – TV
6. Watch what people do not what they say
7. Blaming others
8. Quitting
9. Other people’s energy – leverage
10. Having a plan
11. Take advice from people with more money than you have

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Another thing is, Always Have Things To Do. Meaning, you know that it’s a rote action, like clipping your fingernails or doing certain regular tasks, personal tasks, certain things that, you know, don’t require a lot of brain power. So sometimes when I’m waiting on hold or I’m waiting for a call to come up, that’s when I reach for the things that I’ve put aside, that I’m going to take advantage of Snippets of Time.

So I look at my emails during that time, for example, or I’ll check on texts or I’ll look at that stupid thing called Facebook. And I call it a stupid thing only because it takes so much time. And so therefore I won’t spend invested time on that. I’ll spend snippets of time on that. The other thing is certain newsfeeds and articles. Different things that I can look at at different times, but not actually using uptime that could be used for another purpose.