Action speaks louder than words. This is why I watch what people do rather than what they say.

Be careful where you get your advice from. You should try to listen to people who have more than you do or have what you want rather than those who have not done anything yet.

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1. Buy and Hold
2. Value-Based Buying products on sale
3. Time management – –
4. Snippets of time
5 Avoid time wasters – TV
6. Watch what people do not to what they say
7. Blaming others
8. Quitting
9. Other people’s energy – leverage
10. Having a plan
11. Take advice from people with more money than you have

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So another is, I Watch What People Do Rather Than Just What They Say. So sometimes you’ll listen to people and you’ll go, is that real? But then you look at their life and you find that their life is actually quite attractive. And so you say, well, maybe they do have a message for me. And then there’s other people who haven’t done anything with their life. They haven’t created any kind of future.

They haven’t created any kind of present even for themselves. And suddenly you’re listening to them and perhaps even taking advice from them. And you ask yourself, really, what have they done with their life? What are they doing with their life? So be careful where you get your advice from. Be careful who your mentors are. And one of the things I learned early is I want to take advice from people that have more than I do. Or have what I would like to have. That’s the kind of people that can guide and support me.