This is Lou Brown and I’m here to discuss what a family trust is.

This is one of the 30 different types of trust which I also call a dynasty or elite trust. This is a very good way to ensure that assets are taken and passed down through generations.

There are so many benefits to this. Learn more about it with me!
Create Privacy
Avoid Probate
Protect Everything

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Hi! My name’s Lou Brown. I’ve been asked. What are Family Trusts? Well, a Family Trust is an interesting different type of trust. There’s about 30 different types of trusts by the way. And they do different things for different people. So, Family Trust or what I call a Dynasty Trust. Also, I have another name for Elite Trust. Where a family can literally have assets. And they can pass from generation to generation to generation. So think about the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Trumps probably certainly be able to take assets and pass it down.

Now, by doing it that way, by designing your life that way, you have so many benefits. First of all, the trust can do the investments. So rather than you doing the investments the trust does the investments. You oversee the trust. You might be the trustee of the trust. And you might have check writing privileges inside that trust. Meaning you can write checks to any beneficiary of that trust, or you can actually pay certain bills such as education. The trust can pay for that education. The trust can buy vehicles. The trust can buy houses. The trust can cause you to live in a house that the trust owns. So there’s some great reasons to have a family trust or an elite trust. And I certainly want to teach that to you.

I’ve got an event coming up. It’s called Maximum Asset Shield. I’m going to be teaching the Elite Trust. I’m also going to be teaching Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts and Living Trusts. So you can see what fits and sounds right for you. Certainly you’ll be doing in class exactly what you need to do so that you’ll be able to implement these trusts right away. Now the implementation is simply deeding the property from your own name, into the trust name. And now that trust is held by a trustee. You have control over that trustee as beneficiary when it’s a Land Trust or Personal Property Trust.

So certainly something you need to learn. This is a four day training. It’s called Maximum Asset Shield. And we’re going to be together during this training. You can find out more about it, I suggest you bring a deed with you to class. You bring a title with you to class. And literally at your seat, you’ll be filling out the paperwork. So you’ll know exactly what to do. Exactly how to do it. But more importantly, to learn where the bones are buried, because that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re putting your assets into a protected zone. And in that zone, you can enjoy some things. I call it the four PS of success.

But basically you can attain Privacy. So regardless of the number of assets you own, nobody can see on public record what you own. You can enjoy protection. Asset Protection. So that when you move the properties from your name into the trust name, then the trust owns those assets. Not you personally. And you can have separate trusts for each asset. So you literally can separate them from one another. So if there’s any, let’s say liability over here. You can avoid it by having that in that single trust and no other trust is affected by that. So that’s certainly a benefit for you.

Then there’s Probate avoidance. So putting properties into the trust, whether it be a Family Trust or any other type of trust, you can avoid that incredibly challenging thing called Probate. Where it can cost you time. It can cost you money, not you, you’re passed away. Your family. It can delay the passing of those assets. It can create huge expense. The use of attorneys and the court system. All of that can be avoided using trusts because you’ve already decided who the beneficiary is going to be. It’s right there in the trust. We don’t need no courts. We don’t need no judges. We don’t need no lawyers. We don’t need no expense. We don’t need no delay. It’s a beautiful thing.

So I encourage you to learn about trust. It’s the best entity on the planet. Yes. I said that. The best entity on the planet. Haven’t found anything that comes close to it. There’s about 30 benefits of trust. You’re going to learn those at the class as well. So Hopefully this has been of help to you to discuss Family Trusts. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Yeah, baby!