Land trusts are the best asset protection because it provides:

– Privacy
– Probate Avoidance
– Profits

This is an amazing thing and most people don’t know about it including attorneys and CPAs! This is because there isn’t anything for them because trusts can be set and that is it, no retainers required.

This is a great way to protect real estate assents and is one of the things I teach during the Wealth Builders Workshop. This is a one-day online training where I share my experience and lessons gathered through a 40-year career.

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Create Privacy
Avoid Probate
Protect Everything

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. Why Land Trusts are the best asset protection and it provides privacy protection, probate, avoidance, and profits? Wow! That’s a lot of stuff. You’re right. This is something amazing. Something that most people don’t know about. Even attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, people you would expect to have all the answers don’t have these answers. And I found out that there was nothing in it for them. And that’s the reason that they don’t push it. Because basically once you have your trust, you’re kind of done with them and they’re done with you. They can’t really make any ongoing money. So they push LLCs, corporations, limited partnerships, things that they have to update every year. They have to file tax returns on every year. There’s things that they’re involved in that they can get paid on from now on.

Well, with the trust, you have the amazing opportunity to create privacy. And the type of trust that I teach is thing called a Land Trusts for real estate. Now, in these Land Trusts, you can name the trust, anything you choose, and that can throw people off the sin, because what I’m going to advise and suggest to you is don’t use your own name in the name of the trust, right? Create another name. So let’s say it was on the May Avenue. Then you call it the May Avenue Preservation Trust, maybe, or an area name or a city name. Whatever you want in terms of naming. In fact, I’ve identified a multitude of different naming strategies.

I’ve got it on my home study course. I’ve got a home study course on Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts, but we have a workshop coming up. It’s called Wealth Builder Workshop. I’m going to be sharing with you some great things about trusts in that class. And this is another part of the puzzle that you can build yourself, great wealth. Simply by putting your properties in trust and protecting all that you create by putting your assets into trust. So let’s do this. We’re going to do this together. I’ve got an upcoming workshop it’s a one day and all the information is right here on this page. So I look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!