Author: Lou Brown

Mike Lain – Mesa, AZ

The systems are the keys to the kingdom. Street Smart already has the system designed and built. All I have to do is plug in and make more money. It’s so easy to do it!

Jeff Paulus – Spring Grove, PA

I was already using Street Smart Rental Agreement System, the Lease Option program, Work for Equity, but going through the paperwork cleared up some questions and faulty understanding that I had of some clauses.

Harry Ferber – Manchester, TN

If I had used these property management techniques before, we would not have had such tenant problems. Now that I know it can be done differently, this changes my entire perspective on residential real estate.

Antonia Berto Smith -Washington, D.C.

“I think that this is priceless. Everybody who rents properties should take this course even if they are not actively seeking properties- I will tell all my friends with rental properties to come to your course and look at the world from a new window- thank you.”

Rodney Hatton – Jacksonville FL

I would have normally rented this house out. With Lou’s Agreement for Deed program I was able to get a $7,300 down payment on a $124,500 house and I still got to keep the deed as collateral. We created a $500 per month cash flow on a house that would have been break-even as a… Read more »

Tim and Nina Musick

Your Agreement for Deed contracts have worked phenomenally well for us. We bought two houses with this method and have profited well on each. The sellers were very comfortable with this arrangement, probably because we are. The “Cost to Sell” form has to be the best invention for a real estate investor ever conceived!!

Bryan Musa – Springfield MA

Lou, because of your training I was able to buy a piece of land for $1 (yes, one dollar) on a Friday and had it sold to a builder on Monday for $42,500. Oh Yeah, the lot also came with a house that I still own and have a lease option tenant in, this gives… Read more »

Ryan Kauffman – Greensboro N.C.

Lou’s Lease to Own Agreements are priceless! They have a wealth of profit centers built in throughout the lease, such as pet deposits, extra person fees, and minor repairs being covered by the lease option tenant, invaluable! Thanks Lou!