There are many profits and profit centers in every deal.

In purchasing properties, there are opportunities such as splitting the closing cost. But there’s much more than that like taking care of the excess furniture.

When you provide additional services, you get paid for it. There are many hidden ways to make a profit in such deals and in Lou Brown’s Wealth Builders Workshop, he can teach you how to identify these profit centers.

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Hi! It’s Lou Brown. I wanted to let you know that there are many profits. Profit centers, in every deal. Now, when we are purchasing properties, there are Profit Centers there. There’s the opportunity for you to pay the closing costs or your seller to pay the closing costs, or you can split the closing costs. But there’s much more than that. For example, sellers often have furniture. Sometimes they have lots of furniture. They have lots of things and will even say to a seller, look, you can take your toothbrush if you want to. And we’ll take care of everything else. And sometimes sellers say you’ll do that?! That was one of the biggest burdens in my life. Was dealing with all these stuff. Because many times they’re moving on to a retirement community. They’re downsizing. They have all this burden of extra stuff. Their kids already have their stuff. They don’t need more stuff.

And what I’ve discovered is that sellers are willing to do that. Well, that can be a Profit Center as well. You have a great yard sale, or you make that available to your new buyer that’s moving in as a bonus for them. So there’s all kinds of cool things that you can do. And Profit Centers, now that’s over on the selling side. There’s many more. And then over on the buying side, well, we’ve got many, many Profit Centers there. Now, why do I call it a profit center? Well, it’s services that you’re providing to your customer. When you provide those services, you get paid for providing those services. As an example, many people come into our life. They have less than perfect credit. We put them into a nonprofit organization that provides credit restoration. And when you do that, you get paid for that.

We also look at their bills, their cell phone bill. We look at their utility bills. We look at their security monitoring and a whole variety of other things. And as a result, we find that we can often save them money and you get paid for that as well. So there’s all kinds of bonuses available to you simply by setting it up that way. How cool is that? And the exciting thing is that it’s all available to all of us, but I want to teach that to you. There’s 25 different Profit Centers over on the holding and selling side of the business. So I want to teach those to you.

I’ve got a workshop coming up. It’s called the Wealth Builder Workshop. Definitely. It’s an all day. It’s a lot of information. It’s built on the foundation of my book. It’s called Buy, Hold, Sell. It’s an Amazon best seller. People love this thing. And I’m going to be actually teaching you live and in person. You’re going to be at home. How cool is that? I’m going to make it very, very easy for you, but I got to get your focus on there because I’m going to be building one thing on top of the other on top of the other. So I want you to be focused for the whole day of training. The information is right here on the site. It’s going to be coming up soon.

Definitely Mark your calendar. I’m going to make this amazing. I’m going to make it free! Absolutely free! Now you can go ahead and purchase the book so that you’ll have that in advance of the training. And you’ll be able to read that. And you’ll be able to understand that as I go into the training as well. That’s a separate purchase. So we’re making this available to you. And I hope you will join me because it’s going to be a powerful training that you won’t get any place else. I promise you! I’m going to be sharing things with you. You will never see any place else. Look forward to seeing you soon. Yeah, baby!