The Street Smart Wealth Plan | Lou Brown

In this video let Lou introduces you to a wealth plan that he developed for almost 40 years of his life and career in real estate. It’s called the Street Smart Wealth Plan.

Join Lou as he shows you the step-by-step procedure of the Street Smart Wealth Plan for you to see and understand the bigger picture of what you want to accomplish in your real estate business.


Fall-Out of Local Governments Banning STRs | Lou Brown

One of the things that Lou teaches in his classes is the SWOT analysis of every investment that you make. SWOT analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.


The Path To Home Ownership Program | Lou Brown

Path To Home Ownership is Lou’s program that he offers in their marketplace. Each of his Certified Affordable Housing Providers (CAHP) offers this in their local markets. Those offers become referrals to


Negative Impact of Foreclosures on Sellers

Once that property is foreclosed, this can give a negative effect on a seller that could follow them for a long period of time.

The foreclosure of the seller’s property will show up on their credit report for the next 10 years. That is a huge impact on their ability to qualify for any kind of financing, but particularly for mortgage financing.


Using Subject-To Approach in Pre-Foreclosure

How can you help people or sellers of homes facing foreclosure?

In this short video, Lou will show an effective tool he’s been using to make sellers understand that you are willing to help them. It’s called the “Seller Presentation Kit”

Watch this video now and learn!


Get Connected! The Smartest Way To Do Real Estate Investing Today! | Lou Brown

What is the smartest way to do real estate investing today?

The smart way is not to be in competition with other investors. Get connected!

Take a look at this short video now and learn more from Lou!


Real Estate: a Good Space for Women? | Lou Brown

Almost 50% of people that join Lou’s program are women.

Lou’s program teaches real estate investors how to provide service and make a difference. Gender doesn’t matter. What’s important is touching and helping people’s lives.


Seller Finance Confusion? Best Lease Option Strategies? Lou Reveals All

This is an exciting time to be in the real estate business. Lou is now on his 5th real estate cycle. He has experienced a lot that is applicable to today’s real estate environment.

Watch this video and listen to Lou’s advice about the possible shifts that may happen now in real estate. Find out the opportunities and possibilities that these changes may bring.

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Stream of Income To Attain Stability In Life | Lou Brown

How should I prepare for what the economy is doing or about to do?

How can you build a predictable and dependable monthly income?

In this short video, Lou answers all these questions to give his viewers clarity on the importance of residual income.


Protecting Assets by Using Trusts | Lou Brown

One of Lou Brown’s expertise is TRUST. If you have a living trust what else can you use to protect your property?

Watch this short video now and learn the answers!