RMLO: A Good Source of Buyers?

Do you think using an RMLO would be a good source of buyers?

RMLO stands for Registered Mortgage Loan Originator. Watch this short video and find out Lou’s answer to this question.


Can We Name Our LLC as a Trustee of Our Trusts?

Can we name our LLC as a trustee of our trusts? Lou’s short and direct answer to this question is it depends on the state that you are in.

Watch this short video and learn more.


Become Your Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

If real estate agents don’t understand who you are and what you do then they might feel threatened. They might think you are their competitor.


How do you form a land trust if you already have a business partner in LLC

One thing you can do is to go and create the land trust. The LLC sells or deeds to that property that’s in the LLC to the land trust. Now the land trust owns the property, then the beneficiary of that land trust can be the LLC or the beneficiary can be your trust and your partner can have the LLC. The partner can even have their own trust as well.


How to Protect Your Wealth from Biden’s Inheritance Tax | Lou Brown

In this video, Lou Brown and Scott Paton talk about taxes. In previous episodes, Lou already touched upon capital gains taxes and the impact they may bring. Now, there is another tax that would probably affect your descendants for many generations if you do not take action now.

It’s called the Inheritance Tax.

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Importance of Realtors on Your Real Estate Business | Lou Brown

Lou receives an email and he just can’t help but react to this particular email. It says “ 3 Plus Reasons Why Smart Real Estate Investors Don’t Rely On Realtors To Build Their Real Estate Investing Business and What To Do Instead.”

Lou believes the opposite. For him, realtors are exactly the people that real estate investors need on their team. Real estate agents are a funnel of deals.

Watch this video now and find out how a great relationship with real estate agents makes Lou’s Street Smart Real estate investing a success.


When Is the Best Time To Invest in Real Estate? | Lou Brown

It’s always the right time to invest in real estate when there’s an opportunity. We create opportunities by talking to people and discovering what problems they have and what solutions we can bring to the table.


Start Your Real Estate Business With Little Money? It’s Possible! | Lou Brown

Definitely, you can do the real estate business with little to no money.

It’s a matter of finding opportunities. There are sellers that definitely need to sell. Most of them don’t want to go through the pain and suffering of listing, getting ready for sale, and all the stuff that a real estate agent makes them do.

And there are buyers that have less than perfect credit that would love to come in and be served by you to have the opportunity of owning a home someday.


Title Companies: A New Gold Mine For Prospects?

In today’s video Lou shares another way of finding deals. This is a very uncommon niche and something that you may want to take advantage of.


How can you get a Seller to put a Deed into Escrow? | Lou Brown

You always have to protect your buyer. The person who’s optioning to buy that property from you. You have to be in a position to deliver that deed to them when the time is right.

The seller must be willing to place the deed in Escrow with Escrow Instructions. You must negotiate those things and communicate with your seller in a polite manner.