Why You Need A Land Trust | Lou Brown – Street Smart Investor

Lou has been buying and holding properties for more than 40 years. One of the things that Lou teaches is how to use trust and how it can protect your properties.

Watch this short video and learn from Lou different tips and strategies on becoming a successful Street Smart Real Estate Investor


Buying Property Using Subject-To Strategy | Street Smart Investor

In this short video, Lou talks about what to do when you buy a property using a subject-to strategy.

Watch this short video and learn from Lou different tips and strategies on how to become a successful Street Smart Real Estate Investor


What To Do When Buying A Property Using Lease Options | Lou Brown

What to do when buying a property using lease options to buy.

“ If you are going to lease opinion from the seller, what the seller has is the deed to the property. What you want to do with that seller is to create a situation where you can get the deed when you want to exercise your option to buy. What I suggest is that seller’s deed be placed in escrow.” – Lou Brown


Is It Possible To Convert Tenant’s Deposit To Non-Refundable Move-In Fee? | Lou Brown

When a property is purchased, do you need a special government-approved form to convert tenant’s deposits into a non-refundable move-in fee?

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How Do We Obtain Pre-Foreclosure Listings In The County? You Don’t! | Street Smart Investor

Pre-Foreclosure listings are not available in the county until they are published in the newspaper.

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Invest Like An Insider | Street Smart Investor

Do you believe that there are select individuals in the real estate business who possess special knowledge that is unknown to others? The knowledge that gives them an edge over others in their real estate investing? An edge that enables them to find deals, do transactions, and earn profits others only dream about. You may never have considered it, but every insider starts on the outside. The lucky ones find a mentor who reveals his or her special knowledge and that changes EVERYTHING.


How to Reno a House Without Spending Any Money | Street Smart Investor

You’ve probably heard a lot of outrageous tips and tricks on making money with real estate.


Why It’s Better To Use Trusts Rather Than Other Entities Such As LLC | Lou Brown

Using LLC is great for tax-related matters but if you are talking about the best protection for real estate properties then there is no better entity than using trusts.


Another Reason To Become a Certified Affordable Housing Provider | Lou Brown

Lou has an ongoing program called “The Path to Homeownership”.

Where they take deserving families regardless of their credit and financial background and show them how they can end up with homeownership.


How Do You Manage Properties In Other States? | Lou Brown

How do you manage properties in other states? Is it more difficult?

Watch this short video now and find out Lou’s answer.