Why Real Estate Beats Bitcoin! | Lou Brown

In this video, Lou Brown digs into Bitcoin. Watch this video and learn what you should pay attention to if you want to put your money where it will work the hardest for you.

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How to Owner-Financed a Deal with Real Estate Agent

How will you use an owner-financed strategy with a real estate agent?

Watch this short video now and find out Lou’s answer.


LOUGALSHIELD: Street Smart’s Legal Documents Review for Clients | Lou Brown

In this short video, Lou talks about the review of the legal documents that he is offering with his clients.

Learn more important real estate business tips from Lou by watching this short video.


Find Your Target Market

One of the things that Lou teaches is creating your target market. And he doesn’t mean the entire metro area. He only meant within 5 miles of where you live.

Learn more important real estate business tips from Lou by watching this short video.


Liability & Responsibility of a Subject-To Buyer

What happens if you wrap a subject-to to an end buyer and the original seller files bankruptcy?

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Expensive Real Estate Market & Lou Brown’s Street Smart Approach

How does the Path To Homeownership program blend with the “Pretty House” term in the real estate business of higher-end properties?

Find out Lou’s answer by watching this short video.


Finding Multiple Stream of Leads Using Lou Brown’s Mailwhiz

In this short video hear from Lou how to find multiple streams of leads and multiple lists of potential sellers.

What is Mailwhiz? Watch this video now to learn more.


How to Find Great Deals In a Seller’s Market

Lou has great advice on how you can find deals: Get connected!

Get connected with real estate agents and mortgage brokers because they are the funnel. They have sellers and buyers that they can’t serve. Now, this is the opportunity you need to take advantage of.


Benefits of Trusts in Real Estate Business

Is it beneficial to have an entity or LLC in the real estate business?

If there is one entity that Lou is eager to share with everyone that would be this helpful thing called Trusts.

Watch this short video and learn from Lou the important benefits of trusts.


How Do You Qualify The Buyers?

The first thing that Lou takes into consideration when qualifying a buyer is their income. But not only their income today he also verifies the buyer’s historical income.