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Stream of Income To Attain Stability In Life | Lou Brown

How should I prepare for what the economy is doing or about to do? How can you build a predictable and dependable monthly income? In this short video, Lou answers all these questions to give his viewers clarity on the importance of residual income. Click on this link to watch the complete episode: https://youtu.be/Lh25-TXf-BA “Super… Read more »

Protecting Assets by Using Trusts | Lou Brown

One of Lou Brown’s expertise is TRUST. If you have a living trust what else can you use to protect your property? Watch this short video now and learn the answers! Click on this link to watch the complete episode: https://youtu.be/Lh25-TXf-BA “Super Hot Real Estate! Is A Market Crash Around the Corner?” https://millionairejumpstart.com/ Discover how… Read more »

Chaos In The Real Estate Market or Hype?

Is it a great idea to invest in real estate right now? Well, there is no greater time than the present. Join Lou Live! Every Wednesday at 1PM Eastern and learn the latest event on the real estate market today! Timestamp: Lou’s video for review 0:12 – Introduction – “ What’s Going On in the… Read more »

Insider Secrets To Non-Stop Deals

https://www.WealthBuilderWorkshop.Online​ Getting Deals In Real Estate Market Since 1986!!! Get started as a real estate investor – this month! See how to kiss financial worries and job stress goodbye. Get the best “how-to” education on the planet. Never again waste your time scouring the internet for real estate education. Work when you want, where you… Read more »

Why It Doesn’t Matter If Real Estate Booms Or Not

Join Lou Brown Live as he talks about investing in today’s volatile real estate market. Is it booming? Is it about to crash? Lou reveals all! Attend this power-packed “one-of-a-kind” best of the best training on making money in real estate investing from the comfort of your home… and see for yourself that with the… Read more »

What President Biden’s New Capital Gains Tax Means For Real Estate Investors

In today’s video, Lou Brown together with Scott Paton will give an opinion on President Biden’s increase in capital gains tax. For Lou, anyone who understands economics understands that there’s a driving force behind real estate. And taxation is a huge part of it. The impact on real estate that this increase in capital gains… Read more »

Super Hot Real Estate! Is A Market Crash Around the Corner?

There were 214,323 active foreclosure cases nationwide during 2020. One in 12,000 homes are in foreclosure. 2.7 million homeowners—that’s 5.1% of all mortgage-holders—remain inactive for forbearance. House prices are soaring while the number of homes for sale is at its lowest levels in decades. Lou Brown has been investing in real estate for 40 years.… Read more »

Success Lessons Learned From Crazy Intrusive Squirrel – True Story | Lou Brown

Lou has a special squirrel story that he wants to share with everyone. He realizes that the persistence and the diligence of the squirrel’s personality is something we can learn from and apply in our daily lives. There are hurdles in our lives and these may stop us from going further. In this video, Lou… Read more »

Columbia Woods Deal- Acquiring The Property – Part two

Lou is now in the second phase of the acquisition of the Columbia property. When Lou is getting to close a certain deal typically he already got buyers interested in that property. And where does Lou find his buyers? From the House Monster. If you are familiar with Lou’s House Monster it contains a huge… Read more »

Columbia Woods Deal – Acquiring The Property – Part One

Lou just purchased a property. In this video, he will talk about their process when they acquired property. One of the things that make Lou’s process in acquiring a property different from other house flippers or rehabbers is that he also flips a property but he flips it slow. A fast house flipper pays a… Read more »